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Nga Nguyen - Portalstack Founder

Hi there,

Firstly, thanks for your interest in Portalstack 🙏.

My aha moment

In mid-2021, at the height of the pandemic, I had one of those rare aha startup idea moments that surface maybe every 5 years or so. It occurred to me that the tyranny of choice when it comes to internal business tooling was real, yet there was this massive gap in the market for a unified solution for professional advisors (such as accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers etc) to work with their clients.

The natural tendency for many advisors is to hack together various tools as a tactical solution. But this comes at a hefty cost – client experience suffers. The hook was on – I hunkered down to build the MVP (embarrassingly simple form builder) before kicking off the beta program to test, validate and iterate on the product with a group of friendlies.

Birth of Portalstack

I emerged from my basement to officially launch Portalstack in February, 2022, so that professional advisors can easily collaborate with their clients and digitize their workflow – translation: spend less on pushing paper and more on advisory work (i.e. the stuff clients value and pay for).

My personal mission with Portalstack

I’m generally an anti-mission statement kinda guy (or anything motherhood’y for that matter),  so I’m going against my better judgement…but:

  • I want to enable entrepreneurial advisors to break the mould from the traditional BigFirm operating models to start more tech-forward advisory firms.
  • I want to grow Portalstack with a pure product-led growth motion (no sales team, 100% self-service).
  • I’ve no ambition to build the next unicorn (but admit that’d be a nice accident 😄) – I’m simply looking to build a sustainable business with steady organic growth.
  • I’ll always fiercely serve the boutique to SMB segment.

Happy to connect on LinkedIn if you want to follow my journey.

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