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Client onboarding, document collection and client management in one unified client portal made for tech-forward accountants.

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Systemize your accounting business with our client portal, so you can spend more time on work that matters.

Clients pay you for your expertise, business advice and accounting services, not for non-value-added admin work such as chasing documents or trawling through email inboxes to find information.

Any of this strikes a chord?

Appreciate my clients are all super busy, but gee whiz collecting info for end-of-month or EOFY in a timely manner is a real struggle. I often feel like nagging Nancy with my constant reminders.

Unfortunately, whenever my clients drag their feet sending me monthly supporting documents, it delays when I can start the actual accounting work and this puts added pressure on me and my team as the backlog of work starts to build up. 

I’m not really helping myself (or my clients) by emailing my document checklist in Excel – I need a smarter solution.

Benefits of digitizing your accounting business with a modern client portal

Win and retain more clients

Differentiate your business by delivering your clients an integrated digital experience.

A faster way to collect client information

Make collecting data, content, documents and signatures from clients stress-free.

Reduce email back and forth

Centralize client communication and minimize the endless email threads.

Improve productivity with digital workflows

Replace manual paperwork to free up your time, so you can focus on higher-value client work.

Say hello to Portalstack client portal for accountants - managing client relationships just got easier

Say goodbye to the endless stream of email threads and attachments. Get organised by bringing it all together into one client portal solution for busy accountants and bookkeepers with a digital-first mind.

man creating online form using client management software


Create online forms in minutes

Perfect for new client onboarding/intake forms, end-of-month or EOFY questionnaires etc
  • Use our simple but powerful drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Simplify your forms with conditional logic by hiding or revealing fields based on responses to prior questions.
  • Easily track how your clients are progressing with their forms.


Collect signatures with ease

Replaces esignature tools such as DocuSign
  • Simply upload your document, drag and drop your input blocks, assign to a client and hit ‘Send’ – it’s that easy.
  • Transactional data such as date, time and IP addresses of all signatories to a document is recorded.
  • Keep track of documents pending signatures and schedule automated reminders, if needed.
woman collecting signatures using client management software
man paying invoice using a client management software


Get paid faster with online invoices

Replaces invoicing software
  • Create and send beautifully designed online invoices in minutes.
  • Integrated with Stripe, a global leader in the payment space trusted by millions of businesses.
  • Chasing clients for payments is not fun. Schedule reminders to automate gentle nudges to ensure you always get paid on time.


Share deliverables & milestones

Perfect for sharing key milestones for any accounting project work 
  • Minimize client follow-ups by sharing and updating project milestones
  • Centralize communication with persistent chat messaging.
  • Communicate progress to your clients – add task checklists and progressively tick them off as you complete them.
team collaborating using client management software
team coordinating service requests using a client management software


Centrally manage client service requests

Stop the chaos of service requests floating around in your inbox
  • Allow your clients to raise and track new service requests and keep them informed of their statuses.
  • Having a centralized view of all client service requests in one place makes it easier to plan, prioritize and deliver your services.
  • Create task templates and add them to service requests to give your clients a fuller work breakdown.


Manage leads using a simple kanban view

Replaces Excel for managing leads
  • CRM products were designed for organizations with large sales teams and as a result, they’re often jammed with complex features that many small businesses will never use. 
  • Portalstack comes with a simple kanban styled leads management board.
  • Easily view all your leads under Cold, Warm or Hot statues.
woman uploading and sharing files using client management software


Securely share important files

Perfect for storing confidential tax and accounting documents
  • Avoid email attachment limits and upload files up to 50 megabytes in size, all behind a secure portal.
  • Get notified when your clients open, preview or download a file.
  • Save time by uploading files to a common folder across all clients with ease.


Create and share web-based documents

Perfect for engagement letters etc
  • Use our block-styled document editor to create beautiful-looking web-based documents
  • Make your documents more engaging with rich content such as images and videos.
  • Get notified immediately when your prospects view or approve your documents
man making his documents more engaging with rich content using a client management software
man on a video call using portalstack client management software


Simple in-browser video calling solution

Replaces common video calling solutions like Zoom
  • Your own unique persistent conferencing link.
  • Simple in-browser video conferencing solution – no downloads, registrations or headaches.
  • Screen share and background blur enabled.


Put reminders on auto pilot​

Get off the hamster wheel of constantly sending reminders. Let Portalstack automate the gentle nudges for you.

Give your clients a unified client portal experience

It might start with an innocent link to a Dropbox folder, then it’s another link for e-signing, and another for online forms…soon enough, your clients are on the receiving end of a messy experience. Prevent the chaos by giving your clients a unified client portal experience.

Siloed client business apps

Multiple access points = clumsy client experience

Multiple subscriptions = overpaying for software

Tangled hot mess when they don’t play well together

female frustrated with too many tools instead of an all-in-one client portal software

Unified portal experience

Single access point = convenience 

Single software subscription = cost saving

Integrated experience

female in a zen state because she is using portalstack all-in-one client portal software


Your own branded client portal

Customize the look and feel to align with your brand assets. Simply upload your logo and background images, select your color theme and secure your custom URL.

screenshot of customizable elements in portalstack client portal software


Know your key business vitals, at a glance.

Stay in control of your workload and never miss another deadline.

dashboard screenshot of portalstack client portal software


We've made access dead simple for your clients

No sign up required. One persistent link. Secure two-factor authentication.

Add your clients

Add your client details in your Admin Panel, including email and mobile number.

client registration screen in Portalstack client portal software

Share your custom Login link.

We recommend adding your custom URL as a ‘Client Login’ link on your website.

Clients sign in

Your clients simply enter their email, mobile number and 6 digit passcode (sent via SMS).

client signing into Portalstack client portal software

Top 3 reasons why modern accounting firms are adopting client portals

The pace of technology innovation serving the accounting and bookkeeping space is ever-expanding. The challenge for accounting services then becomes how to prioritize their technology investment budget in order to maximize the all-important ROI. Here are 3 reasons why your modern accounting firms are adopting client portal solutions like Portalstack.

Client portals give accounting services clients a central space to access important documents

Imagine it’s close to midnight and one of your clients is trawling through their email inboxes urgently searching for prepared financial documents for an important acquisition discussion with a potential buyer the next day. Having a client portal solves this problem as documents are centrally organized.

Client portals provide accounting services with a more secure method to exchange information

Let’s be honest, email has been the best productivity tool since facsimile, which conveniently replaced pigeons back in the day. It’s the default communications channel for most businesses today – it’s easy and predictable. But is it a trusted delivery tool for industries such as accounting services that carry a lot of sensitive information?

Let’s consider the journey of a standard email. Every time you click the ‘send’ button, that email (and its attachments) doesn’t simply move from your inbox to the recipient. It traverses the internet completely open and across multiple servers before it reaches its destination. At each hop between servers, it is at the mercy of server admin gals and guys, who in theory may alter or even delete your email content.

To be clear, we’re not suggesting you should abandon emails altogether! But a client portal does provide a more secure method to exchange client sensitive information over the internet.

Client portals make information collection stress-free

Collecting and maintaining client information using paper or PDF forms is not only inefficient, it’s also prone to translation errors. But the bottom line is: no one enjoys filling out boring static forms. Modern client portals have smart digital form builders built-in, so you can dynamically create interactive forms to streamline information collection – and make life less tedious for your clients.


Manage your full client relationship lifecycle from a single portal

Make it easier for clients to do business with you – from onboarding through to retention and growth. Learn more about Portalstack’s use cases.

Client Onboarding


Document Collection


Client Management


Frequently asked questions

Is there a charge for client access?

No. You can add as many clients as you want. We only charge you for advisers (your internal users) under your subscription.

How will my clients access the portal?

When you sign up to Portalstack, you’ll be assigned a unique login URL. This URL will be used by both your clients and internal users to login. We recommend you create a ‘Client Login’ button on your website that links to this URL. Otherwise, you can share this URL with your team and clients.

How secure is the data?

We take data security seriously. Our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services sitting behind their bank-grade infrastructure with 256-bit encryption. We’ve designed Portalstack with a security first architecture. You can find out more by reading our Security Policy.

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Client onboarding, document collection and client management in one unified client portal software.

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