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Portalstack is your modern client portal solution for law firms.

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Free up your time, so you can focus on work that matters.

Clients pay you for your expertise in legal services, not for non-value-added admin work such as chasing documents or trawling through email inboxes to find information.

Maybe you left BigLaw to start a boutique law firm for a better work-life balance, a non-toxic culture, or other reasons. It was probably the best decision you’ve ever made, but no doubt you miss having an army of back-office support staff.

As a law firm business owner, you need to find ways to free yourself from the constant burden of paperwork. Law school never prepared you on how to be an effective business owner.

Keep client interactions organized in one secure client workspace.

Portalstack offers all the tools you need to build meaningful business relationships with your clients – client management just got easier.


Create digital forms for client intake and onboarding.

Create forms in minutes using our simple yet powerful drag-and-drop form builder. Simplify your forms by using conditional logic to show or hide fields based on responses to previous questions. Easily keep track of your clients’ form progress.


Create, send and track digital documents.

Block-styled document editor to create web documents. Use rich content such as images and videos to make your documents more engaging. Get notified when your clients view or approve your documents.


Securely exchange sensitive legal documents.

Avoid the inherent risks of sharing files and attachments via email. Get notified when your clients open, preview, or download a file. Save time by uploading files to a common folder across all clients.


Get your documents and agreements signed faster.

Simply upload your document, drag and drop your input blocks, assign them to a client, and hit send – it’s that easy. Transactional data, such as the date, time, and IP addresses of all signatories, is recorded. Keep track of documents pending signatures and schedule automated reminders if needed.


Keep your clients updated on the progress of your legal services milestones.

Minimize client follow-ups by sharing and updating the statuses of your key legal services delivery milestones. Centralize communication with persistent chat messaging. Add tasks to provide your clients with a more detailed work breakdown.


Centralize new client service requests.

Allow your clients to raise and track new service requests. This will make it easier to plan, prioritize, and deliver your services. You can triage and assign new service requests to team members, as required.

customers raising new service requests via a client portal software


Share valuable legal content directly with your clients.

Create an online knowledge hub for legal resources and guides that clients can access to understand various legal processes, terminology, and their rights. These resources can include articles, FAQs, legal glossaries, and relevant case studies.


Your own branded client portal solution in minutes.

Spare the hefty expense (and headache) of a custom client portal build. With Portalstack, you can easily customize the look and feel to align with your brand assets. Simply upload your logo and background images, select your color theme and secure your custom URL.

customizing your color theme and branding via Portalstack's client portal software
man on a video conferencing call using Portalstack's video calling feature


Host video calls with a single click using your personalized meeting room URL.

Your own unique, persistent conferencing link. A simple, in-browser video conferencing solution – no downloads, registrations, or headaches. Screen sharing, background blur, and chat are enabled.


Put reminders on auto pilot.

Stop wasting your time constantly sending reminders when you can automate the process and focus on other tasks. Let Portalstack automate the gentle nudges for you. Say goodbye to the hamster wheel of reminder-sending and hello to efficient, stress-free communication with Portalstack.

small group of professionals sending reminders to their clients
screenshot of portalstack's client portal software dashboard


Know your key business vitals, at a glance.​

Get a clear view of your workload with Portalstack’s intuitive dashboard. Keep track of pending client documents and service milestones, all in one place. Stay in control of your workload so you never miss another deadline.

Why Portalstack?

If you’re still not convinced, it boils down to two reasons.

Grow your business

Systematize your processes, so you can focus on growing your business.

satisfied client

Your clients will thank you

Everything conveniently in the one spot, accessible 24/7. 

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