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All your common business apps in one client portal solution: online forms, proposals, e-signing, invoicing, file sharing, video calling, and more.

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The benefits of our client portal solution

Win and retain more clients

Impress your prospects and clients with a digital experience.

Faster information collection

Make collecting data, documents and signatures from clients stress free.

Reduce email back and forth

Centralize client communication and minimize the endless email threads.

Modernize your business with digital workflows

Free up your time, so you can focus on higher value client work.

Make it easy for clients and prospects to do business with you

It might start with an innocent link to a Dropbox folder, then it’s another link for e-signing, and another for online forms…soon enough, your clients and prospects are on the receiving end of a messy experience.

Siloed client business apps

Multiple access points = clumsy client experience

Multiple subscriptions = overpaying for software

Tangled hot mess when they don’t play well together

Unified client portal

Single access point = convenience 

Single software subscription = cost saving

Integrated experience


One client portal to manage the full relationship lifecycle with your clients and prospects

From first contact right through to growth and retention

Leads & Proposal Management

  • Stop fumbling with Word copy and paste and start creating professional looking web-based proposals in minutes.
  • Make your proposals more engaging with rich content rather than just boring static text.
  • Stop wondering if your proposals are getting eyeballs on it and by whom. Get notified immediately when prospects view your proposals.

  Grow your business and close more deals faster

Client Onboarding & Document Collection

  • Collecting documents and signatures is a massive time suck with the constant email ping ponging.
  • Manually sending follow-ups and reminders is tedious.
  • Version control can easily become a nightmare, especially when files and attachments get buried inside inboxes.

  Spend less time chasing documents and signatures

Client Management & Collaboration

  • Have a 360 degree view of your client information and deliverables.
  • Allow your clients to manage their own data, pay your invoices, raise and track service requests and more – all conveniently from the one workspace, accessible 24/7.
  • Host video calls with a single click.

  Give your clients the digital experience they deserve


Know your key business vitals, at a glance.

Stay in control of your workload and never miss another deadline.


Bring it all together into the one client portal solution

One subscription, all the features you need to successfully build meaningful business relationships.

Make it easy for your clients to manage their own data and share their documents with you.

Get your contracts, business proposals and documents signed faster.

Assemble web-based documents to share with your clients.

Get paid faster with online invoices. Full invoice history in the one place for your clients.

Centrally store and share important files and documents with your clients.

Centrally manage service requests and keep your clients informed of delivery statuses.

Host video calls with a single click. Your own custom meeting URL.

Customizable client portal to match your color themes and branding.


We've made it dead simple for your clients

No sign up required. One persistent link. Secure two-factor authentication.

Add your clients in Admin Portal.

Share your custom Login link.

Clients sign in with email and SMS passcode


Put reminders on auto pilot

Get off the hamster wheel of constantly sending reminders. Let Portalstack automate the gentle nudges for you.

Why use our client portal solution?

Grow your business

Systemize your processes, so you can focus on growing your business.

Your clients will thank you

Everything conveniently in the one spot, accessible 24/7. 

Frequently asked questions

Is there a charge for client access?

No. You can add as many clients as you want. We only charge you for advisers (your internal users) under your subscription.

How will my clients access the portal?

When you sign up to Portalstack, you’ll be assigned a unique login URL. This URL will be used by both your clients and internal users to login. We recommend you create a ‘Client Login’ button on your website that links to this URL. Otherwise, you can share this URL with your team and clients.

How secure is the data?

We take data security seriously. Our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services sitting behind their bank-grade infrastructure with 256-bit encryption. We’ve designed Portalstack with a security first architecture. You can find out more by reading our Security Policy.

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