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Why use a virtual data room provider like Portalstack?

Sharing confidential information with potential investors through email attachments can be both risky and unpredictable. It also doesn’t provide any insight into who opened what.

  • Save time by sharing info with multiple investors simultaneously. ⏰
  • Encrypt your sensitive documents during due diligence. 🔒
  • Monitor document access to promptly engage with investors. 👀

Top virtual data room use cases.


Raise funds securely and efficiently with our Virtual Data Room. Our platform allows you to share important documents with potential investors in a safe and controlled environment.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Navigate mergers and acquisitions smoothly with our data room. Securely share confidential information from due diligence to deal closure.

Intellectual Property Management

Safeguard your innovative ideas. Our virtual data room is designed to securely store your intellectual property, ensuring stringent control over access to your valuable assets.

Investor and Shareholder Communication

Keep your investors and shareholders in the loop with our data room. Share critical documents and updates, promoting transparency while safeguarding sensitive information.

Portalstack's virtual data room is crafted for utter simplicity.


Navigate your business dealings with enhanced security with our NDA feature. Before accessing your data room, visitors can be prompted to first agree to your NDA.

Activity Feed

Every view, download, and interaction in your data room is logged and timestamped. Know who’s seen what and when, allowing you to follow up promptly.

Google Sheets Embed

Perfect for sharing cap tables, financial data, etc., this feature allows you to easily embed live Google Sheets within your data room. 

Knowledge Hub

Ditch the static text documents and engage investors with rich web content. Your data isn’t just secure – make it engaging as well.

Who can benefit from using a virtual data room?

Businesses that would need to use a virtual data room include startups, investment firms, law firms, and any company involved in mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, strategic planning, or managing intellectual property. Essentially, any business dealing with sensitive information that needs to be shared in a secure environment could benefit from using a virtual data room.


Investment Firms

Law Firms



Strategic Planning

Intellectual Property

Real Estate


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One platform to share and gather confidential information. Virtual data room, client portal, and document collection – all in one solution.

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