Document Collection Software

Save time by transforming your document collection workflow with Portalstack

Stop chasing clients for information, documents and signatures.

  • Your clients pay you for your advice and expertise, not to do admin work.
  • Put your document collection process on auto pilot, so you can focus on work that matters.

Streamline your client onboarding process

  • You’ve just picked up a new client – now comes the first real test, the onboarding process.
  • Make a good first impression with a streamlined client onboarding workflow, so you can turn new clients into raving advocates, every time.

Remove the friction for your clients

  • Sending document request checklists in Word, Excel or PDF creates friction for your clients.
  • Create a better client experience with digital checklists and forms.
  • Make life less tedious for your clients and start seeing faster responses.

Provide clients with clear and engaging instructions

  • Providing clear instructions on what documents or information you need and in what format helps minimize potential delays due to re-submissions.
  • But overloading your clients with text heavy instructions buried in a static doc is not the solution.
  • A better approach is to incorporate a mix of dynamic text with rich media such images and videos.

Collect e-signatures with ease

  • Forever say goodbye to the days of printing, signing and scanning contracts and agreements.
  • Portalstack comes integrated with an e-signature solution with full audit trail.
  • Go paperless, save a few trees and get your signed documents back faster as a bonus.

Portalstack Use Cases

Leads & Proposal Management

Grow your business and close more deals faster with web-based proposals

Document Collection

Spend less time chasing documents and signatures

Client Management

Give your clients the digital experience they deserve

Portalstack Features

One subscription, all the features you need to successfully build meaningful business relationships.

Make it easy for your clients to manage their own data and share their documents with you.

Get your contracts, business proposals and documents signed faster.

Assemble web-based documents to share with your clients.

Get paid faster with online invoices. Full invoice history in the one place for your clients.

Centrally store and share important files and documents with your clients.

Centrally manage service requests and keep your clients informed of delivery statuses.

Host video calls with a single click. Your own custom meeting URL

Everything organized in the one place for your clients and prospects.

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