Put data & document collection on autopilot.

Portalstack is your modern document collection software solution for service businesses. Stop chasing clients for data, documents and signatures, so you can focus on work that matters.

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Why use a document collection software like Portalstack?

Let’s be real – document collection is a royal pain in the <insert word>.  It’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. You’re constantly sending reminders (after reminders). When you do finally get responses (often in drips), at times the documents or information is either in the wrong format, or way off base from what you requested.

It's time-consuming

Collecting data, documents and signatures from clients is time-consuming. Free up your time, so you can focus on value-added work (stuff clients actually pay for).

Client experience suffers

Emailing PDFs and Excel spreadsheets as checklists to clients is clunky. Instead, provide your clients with an intuitive and easy experience.

Version control is messy

Document collection via endless streams of emails is a version control nightmare. You run the risk of taking action on services based on information buried within outdated emails.

Let our document collection software do the chasing for you.

Sure, you try your best to keep the ball rolling, but there’s a limit to how many “hey, just following up” emails you can send. The good news is, you no longer have to put up with the stress of constantly chasing clients for information and documents. Let Portalstack do the heavy lifting for you. What’s more, your clients will thank you for it.


Documents lost in inbox graveyard.

Constantly sending reminders.

Hard to explain the details of your requests.

female frustrated dealing with long email threads


Everything organized in once place.

 Schedule auto reminders

 Use rich content and tooltips to simplify your requests

female in zen state because she's using a document collection software

All-in-one document collection software solution.

One platform. One software subscription. All the digital tools you need to collect documents, information and e-signatures under one roof.

man creating an onboarding form using a document collection software


Build your document collection requests in minutes

Create your document collection requests using our simple drag-and-drop request builder. Add logic or comments to make sure you collect the right information from your clients the first time to avoid back-and-forth re-submissions.


Reuse document collection templates

Use one of our starter templates or create a custom one that suits your specific needs. Your document collection request templates can be reused, making it even easier to streamline your workflow and improve your productivity.

man reusing templates from a document collection software
woman collecting signatures using document collection software


Collect signatures with ease

Say goodbye to the days of printing, signing, and scanning contracts and agreements. Portalstack includes an integrated e-signature solution with a complete audit trail.


Use rich content for better engagement

Avoid overwhelming your clients with text-heavy instructions. Incorporate rich content, such as images and videos, to create an engaging experience while communicating important information.

man adding images and videos to a form using a document collection software
female notified of client completion rate via a document collection software


Stay informed of collection progress

Receive immediate notifications when a document collection request is ready for your review.


Approve or reject each requested item

It happens – clients sometimes provide you with the wrong document or information. With Portalstack, you have the ability to reject any requested item, as well as add clarifying comments to help with resubmission.

woman approving and rejecting collection items using a document collection software
man is happy knowing his client data is safe when using document collection software


Keep client information secure

Keep all client data and documents in a secure document collection portal, accessible only through multi-factor authentication. Rest easy knowing sensitive information is not sitting in email inboxes that can be inadvertently shared or compromised.


Simplify your information & document collection process.

number 1

Build your information request form.

Specify the information or documents you need using our straightforward drag-and-drop form builder. Add descriptions, tooltips, images, and videos as necessary to simplify the process for your clients.

To build a request form, you can start from scratch or use one of our starter templates. 

number 2

Share your request

You can share your requests in two ways: via client portals or by generating a unique, non-guessable link (with the option to add a pin code).

number 3

Schedule reminders

Set your reminder schedule and let Portalstack send the gentle nugdes on your behalf.

number 4

You get notified

You are notified the moment a request is submitted and ready for your review.

number 5

Approve each requested item

You review the provided information and approve or reject each requested item. If an item is rejected and further clarification is required, simply add comments before requesting resubmission. Items that have been approved are locked from further editing.


Document collection software with smart automation features.


Peace of mind that updates are progressively saved.

Auto Reminders

Schedule auto-reminders and let Portalstack do the chasing for you.

Conditional Logic

Hide or reveal requested items using conditional logic.

Auto Map Common Fields

Ability to pre-populate common fields to eliminate double entry.


Simple document collection solution for busy professionals.

Sadly, no matter what field you’re in, the time-suck of hunting down documents and data is a universal pain. Here are just some examples of professions that would benefit from using Portalstack…




Insurance Brokers


Digital Agencies

Client Relationship Managers

Customer Success Managers


Business Coaches


Property Managers

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit on the number of 'requests'?

No. Unlike other document collection software, Portalstack does not impose a limit on monthly ‘active requests’ (i.e. the number of questionnaire forms you can send to clients requesting information).

Is there a limit of the number of questionnaire form templates?

No. You can add as many templates as you want.

What information can be collected?

Essentially anything that your clients can input or upload can be collected – for example, client data, business information, content, documents, images, files, etc.

Is there a charge for client access?

No. You can add as many clients as you want. We only charge you for your internal users under your subscription.

How secure is the data?

We take data security seriously. Our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services sitting behind their bank-grade infrastructure with 256-bit encryption. We’ve designed Portalstack with a security first architecture. You can find out more by reading our Security Policy.

Ready to experience the benefits of a modern document collection software?

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One platform to share and gather confidential information. Virtual data room, client portal, and document collection – all in one solution.

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