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🗒 Create, send & track digital insurance quote proposals
🔒 Securely collect client risk information & claims documents
🙌 Make it easy for clients to do business with you

All in one place, with Portalstack’s client management software for insurance brokers and agents.

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Ditch manual workflows... so you can focus on core insurance broking.

While your competitors may be snowed under with manual processes, that doesn’t mean you have to be. Portalstack is your all-in-one client management software that unlocks your productivity, so you can stand out from your competitors.

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Win and retain more business

Differentiate your brokerage by providing your clients with an integrated digital experience.

Collect risk & client info - 10x faster

Gather risk and insurance information, documents, and signatures from clients – the easy way.

Improve productivity with digital workflows

Replace manual paperwork to free up your time, so you can focus on higher-value risk and insurance advisory work.

A unified platform to manage your entire client relationship lifecycle.

One platform. One software subscription. All the digital tools you need to manage your entire client relationship lifecycle under one roof.


Create, send and track insurance quote proposals.

Stop spending time cutting and pasting Word documents to generate new business or renewal quote proposals. Create and reuse digital proposal templates, making document assembly less tedious.

insurance broker creating forms for his clients


Create digital forms to capture client risk/underwriting data.

Pre-populate known data on behalf of clients and prospects, if required. Auto-map common data fields (such as Insured Name) across multiple forms. Easily compare changes at renewal.


Securely exchange sensitive insurance documents.

Avoid sharing files and attachments in emails. Instead, use our secure portal to safely exchange sensitive information, such as claims documents, with your clients.


Get your documents and agreements signed faster.

Request electronic signatures for various documents, such as letters of authority, referral agreements, nil claims declarations, non-disclosure agreements, etc.


Keep your clients updated on key broking milestones.

Minimize follow-ups by keeping your clients informed at every step of their renewal or claims process.

customers raising new service requests via a client portal software


Centralize new client service requests

Give your clients a central place to raise new service requests, such as certificates of currency, policy endorsements, FNOL, and new business quotations.


Share valuable insurance related content directly with your clients.

Create an online knowledge hub to share premium risk and insurance-related resources and guides, such as claims procedures, risk mitigation strategies, and incident management best practices.


Your own branded client portal solution in minutes.

Spare the hefty expense (and headache) of a custom client portal build. Create your own branded client portal for your brokerage in minutes.


Embed Calendly or Google Sheets.

In just a few steps, you can embed Calendly or Google Sheets. Allow your clients to schedule meetings with you. Facilitate easy collaboration and real-time data sharing – great for maintaining insurable asset schedules.

man on a video conferencing call using Portalstack's video calling feature


Host video calls using your personalized meeting room URL.

Your own unique, persistent conferencing link. A simple, in-browser video conferencing solution – no downloads, registrations, or headaches.


Put reminders on auto pilot.

Constantly chasing clients for underwriting details, proposal acceptance, or claims documentation? Let Portalstack handle these gentle reminder nudges automatically for you.

small group of professionals sending reminders
screenshot of portalstack's client portal software dashboard


Know your key business vitals, at a glance.​

Get a clear view of your workload with Portalstack’s intuitive dashboard. Stay in control of your workload so you never miss another deadline.

Still using email to exchange sensitive insurance documents & information?

While email still has utility as a general comms tool, its usefulness for managing client workflows and exchanging sensitive documents has long expired.

Version Control Nightmare

Exchanging multiple versions of documents buried in emails can result in confusion, leading to mistakes and delays.

Massive Time Suck

Trawling through emails results in lost productivity and wasted time trying to locate specific information or attachments.

Lack of Encryption

Emails are not encrypted by default, which means they can be intercepted and read by unauthorized individuals.

Loss of Control

You don’t have control over how it is forwarded, saved, or shared, which can result in unintentional exposure of data.

Attachment Vulnerabilities

Email attachments have the potential to contain harmful malware or viruses that could infect the recipients’ systems.

Risk of Fines & Penalties

With the rise in privacy and data protection fines and legal actions, handling client files and data securely is more important than ever.

Why Portalstack?

If you’re still not convinced, it boils down to two reasons.

Grow your business

Systematize your processes, so you can focus on growing your business.

satisfied client

Your clients will thank you

Everything conveniently in the one spot, accessible 24/7. 

Frequently asked questions

Is there a charge for my clients to access?

No. You can add as many contacts as you want. We only charge you for internal users under your subscription.

How secure is the data?

We take data security seriously. Our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services sitting behind their bank-grade infrastructure with 256-bit encryption. We’ve designed Portalstack with a security-first architecture. You can find out more by reading our Security Policy.

Do I need a PhD in quantum computing to get started?

No. Portalstack is a fully no-code solution – buzzword translation: no prior knowledge of IT is required.

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